God of War Ascension Review 2018

God of War is an Adventure , Slash and Mythology based video game series , Created by David Jaffe.
God of War first release on March 22, 2005 and latest release February 1, 2018.

God of War

God of War Ascension :

God of War Ascension is also the series of God of War , it is third person adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and after developing , publish by Sony Computer Entertainment and designed by Todd Papy. this game was first released on 12 March 2013 for the PS3 Console but now God of war ascension ps4 is also available and one of the famous game in town.

God of war ascension apk :

God of war ascension is not a 3D game however it has hack and lower kind gameplay in aspect-scroller way. you’re playing as kratos killing enemies level by level and facing boss fights in every level. you’ve got buttons to move your character. to left or right and double tap on the ones arrows to roll over and doge enemy attacks. on the grounds that its not in English language you may discover little difficult to recognize what goes on in the tale element however in gameplay vise you will discover no hassle playing it. use skills to kill enemies and they recharges over time to be used again. almost nailed the action part from the Offical God Of War game from kratos movements and action sequences and one of the advantage of this game users can play God of war apk in Anrdoid as well as in PC and only down part i could find is its graphics and side-scroller gameplay.


God of war ascension

How to Install and Download God of War Ascension for PC:

1. First of all Download God of war ascension for PC .

2.Install it on your PC.

3.Open /Activation directory on your game install directory and take the registration code

4.Enjoy the Game

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