Ludo star cheat and free gems – New Method 2018

Ludo star is an Android application game as well as for IOS which you can play together with your buddies , Strangers and own family. the game lets in 4 players blue, green, red and yellow. you have the option to play for your pc or buddies everywhere in the global. The cause of this LUDO game is to take 4 tokens from every participant, all the 4 tokens must make a complete turn of the board. Whoever takes a full flip of his 4 tokens, wins the game. exciting issue is that whilst creating a turn, if other player’s token reaches on the equal rectangular as your token, then your token would be sent back inside and you will should make a new turn once more.

Ludo star cheat

Today , We are going to  share some secret Ludo star cheat which allows you to get six many time you play the game .trick is very simple and all you need to do is to play with the clock .When the clock is between 12:05 – 12:10 then throw the dice you will probably high number as Six


Ludo Star Cheat Step By Step Guide 2018 :-

1. First of all download the ludo star hack apk
2. After Downloading , Open your game and play it randomly.
3.When your turn is come then throw your dice between 12:05 – 12:10 and you will see that dice on the board has a digit of six or high number. through this trick you can get maximum numbers and win matches and collect so many golds and gems . You can also see below image as proof of concept:

All available Ludo STAR Cheats:

  1. Coins Super Pack (200 000 coins)₹ 500JM_kcDK6SMsvx
  2. Coins Starter Pack (6k coins)₹ 30NY_vejdqOa2dY
  3. Gems Starter Pack (70 Gems)₹ 10YF_5DpOb8Rx0Q
  4. Gems Duper Pack (12000 Gems)₹ 700JN_Hwiu74uwzG
  5. Coins Big Pack (30 000 coins)₹ 80IJ_iZgE3ZxgCn
  6. Gems Super Pack (3000 gems)₹ 250MF_Ir2SxgLCFS
  7. Gems BIG Pack (1000 Gems)₹ 80TL_3KdPVLsPwe
  8. Gems Starter Pack (150 Gems)₹ 30RP_QjH0JlUKuw
  9. Coins Duper Pack (500 000 coins)₹ 700WG_Ho238e2tFU
  10. 2000 Coins Pack₹ 10IF_oCxoJpaUkW

Use this Amazing Ludo star cheat and and ready to beat your friends in Ludo Star and Download Ludo Star APK and install it on your device by following above step by step guide.. Goodluck!

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