Top 5 Best Health and Fitness App for Android

There are many Health and Fitness Android Apps in Internet but we don’t know which should be follow So in this article, we will disclose top 5 Best Health and Fitness apps for Android 2018 .

1. Waterlogged Android App

Every now and then we do not even realise we’re thirsty till we take a look at the clock and comprehend it is been hours because our final sip of water. that’s why this app is extraordinary. it’s going to song your water consumption to look how you are doing all through the day, plus you can snap pix of your own glasses to log even quicker. And most importantly, you can have it set to remind you whilst to prevent what you are doing and take a sip. This app is also focusing on how much better you feel when you are getting the right amount of water
waterlogged android app

2. Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

Headspace is one of the best app in play store regarding Health and in this app you will get meditation activities and you will lean how to be clam.Being Super stressed out is no fun; fix it

Headspace: Meditation & Mindfulness

3. Sleepy Cycle Android App

Sleep Cycle is one of the famous android application for Better Sleep. All you have to do is download Sleep Cycle Android app and sleep with your phone in your bed. this app will track your sleeping patterns and wake you up during your light sleep within 20 to 30 minutes alarm window. it mean you will wake up on time , naturally rested and much less likely to be cranky in the morning. its Cool!

Sleep cycle aram click android app

4. Fooducate Android App

Fooducate Android Application is related to Eat Healthier , that mean you can review the grocery store and see how nutritional they really are. Fooducate also gives you healty alternative recommendations for tings you might pickyp that could be better for your health. this app is also focusing on your eating habits.


5. RunKeeper Android App

Runkeeper Android app is one of the famous app in town ,if you are run lover then must download and try out. RunKeeper Android App can track all the details of your runs including your time, speed and distance. this app will also regularly update you on your progress and give you proper tips during running. RunKeeper Android App also makes it easy to share your runs across social networks like facebook , twitter and lets your friends follow your runs live.

Runkeeper android app

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